Illustration and Concept Art

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Title: Breakfast Wars - Wouldnt it be great if mundane kitchen appliances could transform into visceral war machines? Fun Fact: While I was doing this illustration I watched Transformers Revenge of the Fallen and it featured a shot with transforming kitchen appliances. Great minds think alike, I say. Check out tutorial

Title: Boulder Hill Petrol Station - I created this image based on a cartoon from the 80s ( to serve as a storytelling backdrop for one of the cars I was redesigning for a university project. Fun Fact: I made both a daylight scene and a night time scene on the same canvas because I didn't want to decide between the two.

War Mongrel

Title: Rumble in the jungle - A battle between classic American and Japanese style robots duking it out somewhere on middle ground. I used references for the sunset and the boxing poses of the robots.

Title: Airstrip Nine - I have always loved the book 1984. Ever since reading it at sixteen, it's dark, imposing imagery and has stuck with me. This illustration explores one of the party buildings in other provinces of Oceania, hence the name, seen through the view of a telescreen. You can see the more familiar Ministry of truth like stucture in the background. Fun Fact. When I initially penciled the layout for this drawing I had planned for it to be a vision of a futuristic mosque. That didn't last long when I realised how fitting it could look in an Orwellian universe.


Title: Africanized Robots

Title: HAL Over 9000 - After watching 2001: A space odyssey I was inspired to make an illustration combining my two favourite things from that film. Hal and the Monolith.

Dodge and Burn